LEHNER AgroDos® 12 V granulate spreader

The AgroDos® has the safest technology on the market for dispensing a great variety of granular materials during potato cultivation!

The spreading of pesticides such as Goldor Bait is permitted only using officially tested and certified spreaders which, like the AgroDos®, satisfy the most stringent safety criteria. With star feeder lock for extremely precise granulate dosing down to the milligram, and patented reversing when switching off or pulling out, any unwanted trickling out of product is reliably prevented.

In addition, the AgroDos® starts up only on the move and with the hydraulics lowered. What’s more, the electronic lifting gear control is monitored to ensure that spreading stops automatically when pulling out, and the star feeder lock reverses 25°.

The AgroDos leaves no wish unfulfilled

  • Certified by the German Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants (JKI) since February 2010
  • Operation with 12 V electric motor
  • Choice of hopper volume 12, 22, or 70 l
  • Electric calibration and complete emptying as standard
  • Control panel with 2-line graphic display for easy change of pesticide application rate and row spacing
  • Application rate adjustment +/- 20%
  • The spreader is easy to attach and couple to the planter (electric or mechanical coupling)
  • Manual or route-dependent operation possible

Included : 2x fishtail distributors, spiral 20 mm PVC hose, battery cable (5 m), control cable (6 m) and headland management cable (2.4 m)

Spreading Width

The working width can be steplessly adjusted between 2 and 24 metres. The variable spreading width is achieved by steplessly controlling the SuperVario®’s spreading disk between 200 rpm and 3000 rpm from the comfort of the driver’s cab. The control panel also comes as standard with various monitoring functions such as the empty indicator or automatic slider monitoring. The preparation for headland management (VGM) also comes as standard.

Spreading with comfort and convenience – the LAS 4 control panel with empty indicator.

As well as setting the working width by infinitely adjusting the rotational speed of the spreading disc, all other switching functions are also controlled via the control panel. These include On/Off, setting the adjustment valve for spreading dosage, checking the voltage, etc. What’s more, the control panel issues a visual and acoustic warning when the hopper level is down to minimum or the valve is not in position. Enjoy even greater convenience with speed-dependent dosage via the AUTO-DOSIS control unit.

The vital difference

The valve and spreading disc are made of non-rusting stainless steel (stainless steel frame available at additional cost). The agitator can be equipped with an agitator finger (included) especially for sowing grass seed.

Flexible & sturdy in the field

With its 12 V technology and extensive range of attachments, the SuperVario® can be installed on virtually any agricultural vehicle, e.g. ATV, pickup, etc.


AUTO-DOSIS automatically adjusts the valve position in line with the driving speed.
After you have selected the material, entered the desired spreading width and discharge rate per hectare, the AUTO-DOSIS automatically reacts to braking and acceleration manoeuvres and controls the dosing valve, keeping the discharge rate kg/ha constant.

1. AUTO-DOSIS via 7-pin signal socket
Here, the travel speed is recorded via the 7-pin signal socket on the tractor. In this version, the signal socket also provides the headland management system.

2. AUTO-DOSIS via GPS receiver
The speed is determined by GPS and forwarded to the control panel.