Motorless Cow Brush

The Motorless Cow Brush will help you groom your herd with minimum effort and maintenance.

No need for an electrical motor or mechanical drive, the cow’s own motion works on the circular brush to achieve the grooming effect.

Cattle naturally need to scratch, the Motorless Cow Brush aids this by the removal of excess coat, dirt, dust and dead skin cells. Brushed cattle will experience less problems with flies and parasites.

A groomed cow will be in a state of greater comfort, leading to higher milk production.

  • The large circular brush; (39″ by 20″) can be reversed when wear at one end takes place.
  • Double jointed extension pole, made from durable stainless steel allows maximum movement of brush.
  • Kit includes: long lasting, thick polymer bristle brush with body matching contour, extension pole and mounting bracket.

Optional: larger brushes: Up to 72″ in length, and 36″ in diameter.