Roadside Mower / Mulcher

Heavy duty mowers designed for the most demanding roadside ditch and bank mowing.

Mow at an angle of 65˚ down and 90˚ up, as well as mow flat surfaces at high speed.
The TTDE can mow grass and mulch branches up to 5 in. (120 mm) in dia.
These Roadside mowers can handle the tough jobs required of a roadside offset mower.

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  • 5 lb (2,268 g), 1 1/16″ (27 mm) dia bolt, forged steel hammers with large diameter machined bolts – the largest in the industry. A18 forged hammer bolt also features lock in place square head BoltopTM system.
  • Optional adjustable pneumatic system shock absorber in lift cylinder.
  • Floating third point hitch. Massive industrial grade 22312 externally mounted main bearings – the largest in the industry.
  • Replaceable bolt on “Counter Blades/wear plates” on the underside of the hood made of HARDOX® 450 steel to ensure long life and a fine mulched finished product.
  • 540 or 1000 RPM PTO drive.
  • 5 XPB drive belts

Three TDE mowers to choose from: