Respirators for Infectious Diseases

This Kasco Respirator is NIOSH Approved

Prof 88 Ideal for Infectious Disease

This powered air-purifying helmet respirator has fan blowers, batteries and filters all built into the helmet, giving you excellent freedom of movement in fields or tighter working areas.

The PROF 88 can run for four hours on its batteries, or continuously from a tractor or vehicle’s power using the SP88 12 volt cigarette lighter socket cord. The internal batteries can be charged from the optional NC-9 charger, or from a tractor with the SP88 cord.

The Prof 88 respirator works by means of slight over pressure which is created inside the helmet by a flow of filtered air. Air is drawn through two filters by means of two built-in blower units powered by a rechargeable battery.


Technical Information

MAX AIRFLOW AT 20°C-60%RH* 230 l/min
MIN AIRFLOW AT 20°C-60%RH 210 l/min
AVAILABLE SIZES Adjustable headband


ZP3 HEPA filters for dust
SP8 12 volt power cord that plugs into a tractor’s cigarette lighter socket


*with battery fully charged and new chemical cartridges

Features and Benefits

  • Approved according to NIOSH standards.
  • No cord, belt or breathing tube required
  • Wide view visor
  • Flip-up visor
  • Complete protection of the head, face ears and neck
  • The positive pressure helps to breathe comfortably even under strain
  • Fits most head sizes and accommodates beards and eyewear
  • Air flow distribution studied for uniform ventilation around the operator’s head
  • Battery charger with automatic controlled charge

PROTECTION: Respirators with helmets are the only power assisted devices which can protect the head, face, eyes, ears and respiratory system against particles and gases. Inspired filtered air is sent by a blower unit through a breathing tube to the inside of the helmet creating a slight overpressure. The continuous flow of air prevents visor misting and reduces breathing strain.

COMFORT: The respirator is easy to don and use also by inexperienced workers. Lightweight and of simple design, it is comfortable to wear even in harsh working conditions.

LIFE: The use of carefully selected first choice raw materials guarantee a product average life expectancy of over ten years.

Standard Components

  • one helmet,
  • two blower units and one NiCd battery included in the helmet,
  • 110 volt BP-6 battery charger,
  • two ZP3 (HE) filters,
  • one airflow indicator.

AIRFLOW INDICATORS: The sphere type airflow indicator monitors the flow rate to ensure the airflow in the system is maintained so workers are protected at all times.

HELMETS: The inner headband, adjustable from 53 to 63 cm, blocks the helmet round the forehead allowing for excellent visibility when the worker turns his head. Ultraviolet sun rays are repelled by the white color of the helmet.

COLLARS: The polyamide collar closes efficiently and comfortably around the worker’s neck.

Video of KOMPAT 88 Respirator


I have farmed for almost 40 years and have always suffered from allergies due to grain dust. I would have difficulty breathing, a high fever, sore eyes and be sick for 3 days using other masks. After I purchased the Kasco Prof 88 mask from The St. George Company, I can now easily do my work and be confident that I will not be sick. It is a freedom that I have not had before – no down days after working with grain. I am looking forward to using the mask during spraying season because of its protection from the herbicide smells. I very highly recommend this mask as it is one of the best farm purchases I have made in many years.    Tony D’Agnone Foremost AB

Our staff have embraced these safety products as they have reduced eye and breathing irritations. As an employer, we find the Kasco helmet fulfills our obligation to provide safe, comfortable working conditions and protects the long-term health of our employees.
Len Jewitt  BLT Farms Inc, Gowanston, ON