This Kasco Respirator is NIOSH ApprovedPowered Air Purifying Helmet Respirators

Kasco spray helmet respirators offer the most protection when spraying herbicides / pesticides, and working in dusty conditions.

A Kasco helmet respirator has a battery powered electric fan drawing in filtered air,  the air pressurizes the helmet, giving the wearer clean air to breathe and has a cooling effect.

Don’t Be Tied Into Expensive Proprietary Hammers

These picks are inexpensive & readily available. This feature makes the RotoCrusher the most economical machine in its class to operate using Kennametal Picks.

RotoCrushers feature a unique two speed rotor system, allowing a single machine to crush stones, rock and deep till as well as mulch stumps and wood.

Each RotoCrusher comes with two separate gear boxes: one for slow rotor speed “below surface grade” work: grinding and crushing stones  and another for higher rotor speed “above surface grade” work, mulching wood etc.  Learn More


Re-baler and Straw Spreaders

The Altec DR160s LRSQ model.
Lets you easily re-bale large round bales (up to 5′ wide, 6′ tall) into small square bales.

Simply park the Altec DR 160 s  LRSQ bale unwinder in front of the pick up of your small square baler, place a round bale in the unwinder, then activate the variable speed hydraulic control and re bale!  Learn More

Roadside Mower

  • Forged steel hammers with large diameter machined bolts, the largest in the industry.
    • A01 hammer: 640 g (1.4 lb), 20mm (3/4”) dia bolt (TDS) .
    • A04 hammer: 2,268 g (5 lb), 27mm (1-1/16”) dia bolt (TDE).
    • A04 also features lock in place square head BoltopTM system.
  • Optional adjustable pneumatic system shock absorber in lift cylinder.
  • Floating third point hitch.
  • External mounted rotor bearings; the largest in the industry.
  • Replaceable bolt on “Counter Blades”
  • on the underside of the hood made of HARDOX® 450 steel to ensure long life and a fine mulched finished product.
  • 540 or 1000 RPM PTO drive.

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Bucket Jaw Crusher

The AWesome excavator-mounted bucket JAW crusher for crushing / pulverizing of rock,* concrete, slabs, blocks, bricks, etc..

Crush material on site or while loading a truck.  Eliminates using a stationary crusher and extra handling. For more information. Pulverized

concrete right at the site or while loading a truck. Adjustable control determines size of finished material.
 Learn more.

About The St. George Company

For over 30 years The St. George Company has searched for and brought to market, unique and innovative equipment to make work safer and more productive.

This has been our philosophy starting with our first product. In the early 1980’s we sprayed chemicals on our farm fields and orchards without any precaution for the safety of the person doing the spraying. The Kasco helmet respirator was introduced to us and immediately we saw it had a place on our family farm. It was a great success. We began to market the Kasco helmet when neighbouring farms asked where they could get such a system, and The St. George Company was born.

By 1985 The St. George Company was a full-time business and we added products to our line to serve both industry and agriculture. In 1993 we re-located to a larger office/warehouse in Paris, Ontario.

We continue to test many of the products in this catalogue on our family farm. Look for our “President Tested” seal throughout the catalogue. We hope that you find a product in our catalogue that will make your work easier and more enjoyable.

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