Applied to the healthy claw with the quick drying resin included., Cowslips take the weight off the damaged or infected claw, thus alleviating pain.

  • Simple & quick to use
  • Cost effective
  • Self shedding
  • 4 sizes now available

“No More Lame Excuses!”


Why Use CowSlips?

Hoof Wall Support

  • CowSlips are the only application for the treatment of lameness providing increased support for the hoof wall; the chief weight bearing area

Ease of Use

  • The glue is mixed within the shoe, no mess, no fuss, and no extra equipment necessary. The glue is not temperature sensitive.
  • CowSlips are quick, clean and easy to fit
  • See Fitting section for full fitting sequence


  • Plus and XL have a unique roll over toe and tapered sole to assist cow movement and balance
  • The unique hoof-like design increases surface area for adhesion ensuring CowSlips remain in place for 4-6 weeks before self-shedding
  • The glue has been specifically designed to form a secure and watertight bond with the hoof.


  • CowSlips can be easily adapted for the treatment of complicated claw lesions