VENTO Pneumatic hose spreader

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VENTO Pneumatic hose spreader

The powerful pneumatic spreader with infinitely adjustable, high-powered
12 V fan.

With the VENTO®, thanks to its extra strong 12 V fan, mixtures of fine and large seeds, catch and cover crops, micro-granulates, fertiliser and grass can be spread much more efficiently and cheaply than with a hydraulic machine.

The VENTO® also masters high sowing rates (e.g. 40 kg/ha grass or 120 kg/ha seed) without problem. On the VENTO II, all functions and adjustments can be controlled on the control panel, and changed while on the move. Depending on which version of the VENTO® you have, working widths from 1 to 6 or 12 m can be achieved effortlessly. With optimal routing, hose lengths of up to 10 m per outlet are possible.

The VENTO impresses in every respect:

  • 12 V high-powered fan (1 or 2)
  • Hopper (in 3 sizes) with flap for residue emptying
  • Control panel with 3.3 inch graphic display
  • Speed-dependent dosing and headland management system as standard
  • Agitator with empty indicator in the hopper
  • Supplied as standard with: 8 or 16 baffle plates with U-brackets for mounting; 1 or 2 rotary feeder shafts (2x 5.0 ml blue/outlet) and star feeder set; LEHNER Superflex hose (25 m or 50 m); 1 or 2 calibration bags, and scales for calibration tests; Battery cable 6 mm2 (6 m); control cable (6 m); Transport and mounting frame