Multipack Bale Packer

There is always a simpler way of doing things

  • Improved system for a constant, continuous work cycle.
  • Simple movements.
  • Improved loading system thanks to Arcusin’s exclusive new chain design.
  • Simple to drive and makes full use of fields.
  • One operator can carry out the whole process without the need for specialised training.
  • Highly compacted and perfectly bound bales.
  • Very stable and fully adaptable to soft and irregular terrain.
  • Adjustable to all kinds of bales and any kind of product that can be packed, whatever the conditions of moisture and compaction.
  • Designed and manufactured for intensive work and tested under the toughest conditions.

1. Extractor

Mechanism that helps to unload the bale packs after they have been bound. This element is mounted on top of the knitters, on the front part of the lower chassis.

2. Electronic control

All of the functions are controlled from the tractor cabin. Permanent information and constant control. Highly reliable performance. Constant indicators of the work cycle through the check-control. Individual bale counter, counter of grouped packs and counter of the accumulated bale total (individual units and grouped packs). Continuous, automatic working cycle. Possibility of carrying out movements manually from the control console. Warning devices and safety lock. Possibility of varying the compacting pressure from the tractor cabin. Electrical current: 12 V.

3. Retainer

New retaining system that ensures that the bales are held in the correct position.

4. Discharge gate

Located on the lower rear part of the chassis and closes the bale-pressing chamber. For unloading the bale packs after they have been compacted and bound. The machine turns and lowers the gate until the load has been deposited on the ground. Uninterrupted cycle. Without stopping and maintaining the rhythm of work. Unloads packs without interrupting the loading process.

5. Transit on different surfaces

Very stable and totally adaptable to soft and irregular terrain. Generous distance between the wheels and low centre of gravity, which is close to ground level.

6. Pick-up

Floating system. Simple movements.
New PATENTED wheel-drive system.

  • Smooth, controlled bale movements.
  • Bale strings are fully protected against breakage.
  • Improved productivity in comparison with earlier models.
  • It is not necessary to adjust the machine for different bale sizes. The machine is able to load all types of small bales up to 120 cm long.
  • Picks up bales as they lie, without the need to turn them.

7. Drawbar

This is the group of elements that must provide the machine with the power required to carry out all of its movements. Power is supplied via the tractor PTO. Standard ring coupling or ball coupling.

8. Knotters

Robust knotting system which is fully tested and highly reliable. Synchronised system, the knotters are located on the front part of the machine and their job is to bind the bale packs with a knot once they have been compacted. Perfect binding. More stable packs. Constant string tension. The strings are perfectly positioned so that they bind correctly.

9. Lift-press

Part of the machine that serves a double function:

  1. It fills the bale-pressing chamber through a guided vertical movement.
  2. It compresses the group of bales when the bale-pressing chamber is full, just before the packs of bales are bound.
  • High compaction.
  • Regular, compact packs.
  • Bale-pressing system that guarantees a high level of compaction.

The compaction pressure can be adjusted from the tractor cabin according to the needs and characteristics of each type of product.

10. Needle bridge

In its resting position, it is located on the lower base of the chassis and it describes a circular movement that threads the string through the needles in the knotting unit. This operation takes place after the bales have been compacted and once all of the bales have been grouped together.

11. Pusher

New bale transfer system, simple and less aggressive with more delicate products. Total control of the bale until it is delivered to the bale-pressing chamber.

12. Spool cabinet

With storage space for 8 bobbins.

13. Hydraulic system

Variable displacement pump. No bottlenecks or restrictions in the flow of oil through the circuit. Simple, well-balanced operations. Perfect working performance. Electrically controlled hydraulic distribution. Total control over working speeds and pressures for all movements of the Multipack. Alternative of manual control of operations using the levers on the hydraulic block. Required hydraulic capacity: 72 HP.

15. Support stand

The machine has a support stand that bears some of the weight of the machine when the trailer is not coupled to the tractor; in this way, the load is better distributed and is not all exerted on the drawbar. The height of the support stand can be manually adjusted using a hand lever.

Dimensions and Capacities