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Multipurpose Mulchers

  1. Body frame made of high-strength steel with special front design to facilitate the material entry.
  2. Protection by two chain curtains
  3. Coupling to tractor CAT. 2 with fast coupling balls
  4. Hydraulic hood with “Supersfinish” system
  5. Replaceable protection skids for deep work.
  6. Rotor with replaceable shafts and fixed hammers with helical disposition
  7. Hammers with 2 carbide tips model F23
  8. Rotor transmission with 1 + 1 Polychain GT Carbon belt and ESB system.
  9. Reinforced PTO shaft.
  10. Reinforced gearbox, input to 540 (for tilling), 1,000 rpm (for mulching) and 1 ¾ Z6.
  11. Replaceable counter blades on body frame and on hydraulic hood.
  12. PTO shaft included.