Puli-in-useWhat it Does
It washes, massages, disinfects and dries cow's teats before milking. The massage provides the perfect stimulation of the udder giving faster milking and time savings. By automatically eliminating the first drops of milk, it helps reduce the level of bacteria and somatic cell counts. Another advantage is that the drying avoids contamination by not allowing dirty water to enter the milk. The water with disinfectant is constantly clean for each cow. This action is completed in 10-15 seconds per cow.

How it Works
The Puli system has three rotating brushes. The upper two are counter-rotating and wash the external surface of the teats and the bottom of the udder, while the third brush washes the tips of the teats with tepid water and a high germicidal disinfectant.

By pressing the trigger under the handle of the washing unit, each teat is washed for about one second, moving vertically, clockwise and counter-clockwise. By releasing the trigger, the water stops and the brushes then rotate faster and dry the teats.

The F50 SuperLight model is recommended for dairy farms with up to 150 cows
The F50 Top is recommended for dairy farms with more than 150 cows.


  • Washes, sanitizes and dries in 10-15 seconds before milking
  • Enhances teat stimulation and faster milking
  • Helps to reduce the levels of bacteria, somatic cell counts and control of mastitis
  • Elimination of all other types of sanitizing
  • Better milk quality
  • Up to 80% saving of hot water
  • Operators hands are always clean
  • Adaptable to any milking parlour
  • Light, easy and fast to assemble
  • Higher profits and lower costs

"We are very pleased with the Puli System. We milk 900 plus cows, two times a day through a double-6 tandem parlour. After a few small problems that were worked out very quickly, the system is running beautifully and we highly recommend it.

  • We find that the milk let down is much quicker and constant throughout milking.
  • Somatic cell count has been cut down to a third and is expected to decrease even further as time goes on.
  • We are able to retain cows for a longer time in the herd.
  • Milkers cannot milk cows without the Puli system anymore.
  • No more cloth and/or paper towels and pre-dips.
  • Consistent milking - the same every time."

Mr. Jon Tollenaar
Tollenaar Holsteins/Jerseys
Elk Grove, California, USA

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