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The St. George CompanyThe St. George Company

  • Flipscreen E-80 excavator screening bucket
  • Bron B275 with Seven Mulcher
  • Skidsteer with Seven Mulcher
  • Roto Crusher  Super Mulcher
  • Seven Excavator Mulcher at York Railway
  • Full line of Kasco Respirators
  • Skihill Mulcher
  • Awjaw Bucket Crusher
  • Roadside Mower
Flipscreen E-80 excavator screening bucket1 Bron B275 with Seven Mulcher2 Skidsteer with Seven Mulcher3 Roto Crusher  Super Mulcher4 Seven Excavator Mulcher at York Railway5 Full line of Kasco Respirators6 Skihill Mulcher7 Awjaw Bucket Crusher8 Roadside Mower9

Kasco Respirators


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Seven Rotocrusher Super Mulcher

The Roto Crusher and be used for:

  • reclaiming uncultivable stony and rocky lands and bushes
  • reclaiming soils for vineyards, orchards, vegetables
  • repairing country roads, asphalts, anti-fire roads for woods
  • milling stumps
  • preparing service area
  • crushing material from demolition
  • Oilfield right of ways


Altec Bale Unwinders and Spreaders


Altec DR160A Lateral spreads straw evenly with rotating spreader. hydraulically operated will spread straw up to 10’ (3m). The lateral spreader works without chopping the straw, with a minimum of dust and without dangerous stone ejection. The length of the straw is preserved giving suppleness to the bedding. When not in use the straw spreader folds easily to the side allowing for hay distribution. For more information.

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AwJaw AwJaw Bucket Jaw Crusher

awjaw3WHAT IS IT?
The AWesome excavator-mounted bucket JAW crusher for crushing / pulverizing of rock,* concrete, slabs, blocks, bricks, etc..


Crush material on site or while loading a truck.  Eliminates using a stationary crusher and extra handling. For more information. Pulverized concrete right at the site or while loading a truck. Adjustable control determines size of finished material.
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Ski Hill Mulcher


A mulcher that is ideal for heavy duty hillside mowing. Mulching grass, prunings and other vegetation – wherever you want and with the tractor you want..


THE SKI HILL MULCHER is your number one professional greenspace maintenance tool.


A ski area’s hillside maintenance during the off-season plays a critical role in developing a great ski experience. THE SKI HILL MULCHER is heavy duty, reliable, and efficient. Resulting in efficient operations and low maintenance costs.


Operational features include the reversibility of the machine making it possible to change the mounting at any time. Drive the machine front mounted or rear. Side shift reaches those hard to mow areas. Learn More

  Roadside Mower

  • Forged steel hammers with large diameter machined bolts, the largest in the industry.
    • A01 hammer: 640 g (1.4 lb), 20mm (3/4”) dia bolt (TTDS) .
    • A04 hammer: 2,268 g (5 lb), 27mm (1-1/16”) dia bolt (TTDE).
    • A04 also features lock in place square head BoltopTM system.
  • Optional adjustable pneumatic system shock absorber in lift cylinder.
  • Floating third point hitch.
  • External mounted rotor bearings; the largest in the industry.
  • Replaceable bolt on “Counter Blades”
  • on the underside of the hood made of HARDOX® 450 steel to ensure long life and a fine mulched finished product.
    • 540 or 1000 RPM PTO drive.

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Model TTDS for tractors 65-100 Horsepower

Model TTDE for tractors 100-200 Horsepower


About The St. George Company

For over 30 years The St. George Company has searched for and brought to market, unique and innovative equipment to make work safer and more productive.

This has been our philosophy starting with our first product. In the early 1980's we sprayed chemicals on our farm fields and orchards without any precaution for the safety of the person doing the spraying. The Kasco helmet respirator was introduced to us and immediately we saw it had a place on our family farm. It was a great success. We began to market the Kasco helmet when neighbouring farms asked where they could get such a system, and The St. George Company was born.

By 1985 The St. George Company was a full-time business and we added products to our line to serve both industry and agriculture. In 1993 we re-located to a larger office/warehouse in Paris, Ontario.

We continue to test many of the products in this catalogue on our family farm. Look for our "President Tested" seal throughout the catalogue. We hope that you find a product in our catalogue that will make your work easier and more enjoyable. As always, we look forward to serving all of you in 2013.

SCG Attachements


Excavator Attachments Forestry Mulchers Screening and Crushing Recycling. Learn More

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