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  • Flipscreen E-80 excavator screening bucket
  • Bron B275 with Seven Mulcher
  • Skidsteer with Seven Mulcher
  • Roto Crusher  Super Mulcher
  • Seven Excavator Mulcher at York Railway
  • Full line of Kasco Respirators
  • Awjaw Bucket Crusher
  • Roadside Mower
Flipscreen E-80 excavator screening bucket1 Bron B275 with Seven Mulcher2 Skidsteer with Seven Mulcher3 Roto Crusher  Super Mulcher4 Seven Excavator Mulcher at York Railway5 Full line of Kasco Respirators6 Awjaw Bucket Crusher7 Roadside Mower8


Technical Information

  • Stepless spreading width 2 - 24 metres
  • Robust 12-volt Bosch electric motor with 180 watts
  • Operation from driver's seat via control panel
  • Visual and audible error message with two-lined display
  • Transparent supply hopper with 70, 110 or 170 litres
  • Standard power supply line with 4.0 mm˛ wire cross section and 5 m length
  • 10-time automatic control overdrive when the material in the hopper is excessively compressed.
  • Slide valves and spreading discs made of stainless steel
  • Stepless spreading volume adjustment from the driver's seat
  • Adjustable throwing vanes
  • Robust steel frame with mounting drill holes
  • Electric components waterproof (distribution box)
  • Digital start-up technology
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • 6-metre-long cable from spreader to tractor
  • Special agitator shaft for grasses
  • Hopper lid with quick-release fastener
  • Hopper with drainage opening / residue drainage

Main advantage:

Its 12-Volt drive means that the spreader can always be operated independently of other drives such as Kardan drives or hydraulics. This means that two processes can often be combined into one. The result is cost savings in practical use.

The most innovative alternative since the invention of the seed drill!


Spreading Widths

The working width can be steplessly adjusted between 2 and 24 metres. The variable spreading width is achieved by steplessly controlling the SuperVario®'s spreading disk between 200 rpm and 3000 rpm from the comfort of the driver's cab. The control panel also comes as standard with various monitoring functions such as the empty indicator or automatic slider monitoring. The preparation for headland management (VGM) also comes as standard.

  • Seeder volume is controlled from the tractor seat.
  • Key parts made of stainless steel.
  • Watertight electronic unit
  • Digital electronic controls (computer operated from tractor seat) for spreading from 6’ - 72’ (1.8m - 22m).
  • Variable spreading is made possible by the continuous regulation of the spreading discs, between 200 and 3,000 RPM.
  • Operating guide gives settings for a wide range of seed and seeding requirements.
  • Visual and sound error monitor/display.

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