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  • Flipscreen E-80 excavator screening bucket
  • Bron B275 with Seven Mulcher
  • Skidsteer with Seven Mulcher
  • Roto Crusher  Super Mulcher
  • Seven Excavator Mulcher at York Railway
  • Full line of Kasco Respirators
  • Awjaw Bucket Crusher
  • Roadside Mower
Flipscreen E-80 excavator screening bucket1 Bron B275 with Seven Mulcher2 Skidsteer with Seven Mulcher3 Roto Crusher  Super Mulcher4 Seven Excavator Mulcher at York Railway5 Full line of Kasco Respirators6 Awjaw Bucket Crusher7 Roadside Mower8


Bench Heating Panels

These thermostatically controlled electric propagation bench heating panels speed up propagation by providing warm uniform bench temperature, resulting in excellent seed germination and a high rooting rate for cuttings.


The heating element is laminated between aluminum sheets for even temperature spread throughout the panel. Temperature range is 42oF to 100oF (6oC to 38oC) approx. 150 Watt/M2 (15W/sq ft).


Installation is simple. First lay approximately 2” thick polystyrene panels on your bench, then unroll the HEATWAVE PANEL on top. Cover with polyethelene sheet, and a capillary mat if desired. Plug in and you are ready to place your plants. To store, carefully roll up the panel.

Although we offer standard sizes, made-to-measure panels are available.

HB1024 10' x 24" 110V, 2.7 amps
HB1036 10' x 36" 110V, 4.1 amps
HB1042 10' x 42" 110V, 4.8 amps
HB1048 10' x 48" 110V, 5.5 amps
HB1624 16' x 24" 110V, 4.4 amps
HB1636 16' x 36" 110V, 6.5 amps
HB1642 16' x 42" 110V, 7.6 amps
HB1648 16' x 48" 110V, 8.7 amps
HB2024 20' x 24" 110V, 5.5 amps
HB2036 20' x 36" 110V, 8.2 amps
HB2042 20' x 42" 110V, 9.6 amps
HB2048 20' x 48" 110V, 10.9 amps
HB3024 30' x 24" 110V, 8.2 amps
HB3036 30' x 36" 110V, 12.3 amps
HB3042 30' x 42" 110V, 14.3 amps
HB3048 30' x 48" 220V, 8.2 amps

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