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  • Flipscreen E-80 excavator screening bucket
  • Bron B275 with Seven Mulcher
  • Skidsteer with Seven Mulcher
  • Roto Crusher  Super Mulcher
  • Seven Excavator Mulcher at York Railway
  • Full line of Kasco Respirators
  • Awjaw Bucket Crusher
  • Roadside Mower
Flipscreen E-80 excavator screening bucket1 Bron B275 with Seven Mulcher2 Skidsteer with Seven Mulcher3 Roto Crusher  Super Mulcher4 Seven Excavator Mulcher at York Railway5 Full line of Kasco Respirators6 Awjaw Bucket Crusher7 Roadside Mower8


“No More Lame Excuses!”

Applied to the healthy claw with the quick drying resin included., Cowslips take the weight off the damaged or infected claw, thus alleviating pain.

  • Simple & quick to use
  • Cost effective
  • Self shedding
  • 4 sizes now available


Why Use CowSlips?

Hoof Wall Support

  • CowSlips are the only application for the treatment of lameness providing increased support for the hoof wall; the chief weight bearing area

Ease of Use

  • The glue is mixed within the shoe, no mess, no fuss, and no extra equipment necessary. The glue is not temperature sensitive.
  • CowSlips are quick, clean and easy to fit
  • See Fitting section for full fitting sequence


  • Plus and XL have a unique roll over toe and tapered sole to assist cow movement and balance
  • The unique hoof-like design increases surface area for adhesion ensuring CowSlips remain in place for 4-6 weeks before self-shedding
  • The glue has been specifically designed to form a secure and watertight bond with the hoof.


CowSlips can be easily adapted for the treatment of complicated claw lesions



Made from highly durable PVC, Cowslips are orthopaedic shoes for the treatment of lameness in cattle. Fitted to the healthy claw, Cowslips take the weight off the affected claw, thus alleviating pain and accelerating healing. The cow’s mobility improves, weight is gained and milk yield increases.


With three sizes available, Original, Plus and XL, finding the perfect fit will be easy.



Suitable for: Jerseys, Guernseys, Heifers & Ayrshires



Suitable for: Holsteins, Friesians & Beef Breeds



Suitable for: Jerseys, Guernseys, Heifers & Ayrshires



Suitable for: Jerseys, Guernseys, Heifers & Ayrshires

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